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Spanish classes in Delhi

Spanish classes in Delhi

Spanish classes in Delhi

Spanish classes in Delhi

Spanish is one of the most famously spoken languages in the world.  There has been much research that shows the benefits of learning a new language for Spanish, so you are choosing the most spoken languages with over 400 M Spanish speakers in the world. Best Spanish Classes in Delhi is School of Spanish.

Whether you are learning to form a relationship with your co-workers or foreign clients, or even for holiday purposes. Spanish can be of utmost rewarding for those who implement efforts in the learning of this language. Speaking Spanish can be very useful. When it is the matter of travel and work when visiting Spain-speaking countries you have a good opportunity to form your identity in a crowded place.

Let’s see the benefits that you can grab from this specific language

Benefits of learning Spanish

A Spanish language professional in Delhi, India not only gets jobs easily but also receives the handsome amount of bugs against his/her services to the company. A normal Spanish language professional as a fresher earns INR 25,000 to INR 35,000, A translator gets 2 RS per word for the Spanish translation, a Spanish language interpreter earns INR 3000 to INR 7000 per day and a Spanish travel guide earns INR 2000 to INR 4000 a day and most importantly travel guides get tips also from travelers which makes them earn huge amount of money in a short span of time.

In Delhi there are multiple industry options available for people who know the Spanish language, thus if a foreign language industry interests you learning a new language is a perfect step to get into the industry.

Apart from industrial work, one can also do other jobs such as that of

-Translator (a translator can translate any known language for him into others, Spanish translation services in Delhi are available in abundance)

-Interpreter (an interpreter translates the languages live, Spanish Interpretation services in Delhi are in demand too)

-Tutor (Guide the learners, Spanish home tuitions in Delhi are required by a lot of new students and the job is in demand these days)

-Tour guide (Spanish travel guides in Delhi and around the globe have a great variety of work like taking a group of foreigners to visit places)

-Blogging and Podcast (an innovative independent way for earning money)

Spanish jobs in Delhi and all over India are available in abundance, Once you get into this industry and begin earning there is no looking back.

Yaa! As you know there are a number of advantages that you can get by learning Spanish and here we have discovered a few of them:

Traveling to Spain

When looking towards exploring Spain, Spanish can be your ticket for a great experience. Spending your time in the dictionary or panicking can give you a huge amount of stress and be able to speak the native language will provide you with more options on your travel.

A Bigger network of friendships

There are approx 400 million Spanish speakers across the world. Learning Spanish activates the potential to connect with more people, whether that’s in a cage, official meeting or travels, talking to new people can give you the knowledge and expand your horizons.

Improved job opportunities

Employability is one of the key benefits of speaking a new language like Spanish. In our Spanish classes in Delhi (GTB Nagar) we trained the students like how they have to deal with the clients or how to write emails in Spanish and many other things which one needs at the professional level. Employees who know how to speak any foreign language are treated differently from other employees. They able to create an impression on their boss and connects with many international clients. Speaking Spanish will look great on your resume and will open new options for you. So, do Spanish Courses in Delhi for having a great benefit in your career.

Improve intelligence

Brain fitness is the major thing. Research has proved that learning some other languages can be beneficial for your brain offering you good abilities when it comes to solving problems. Taking Spanish can help to improve your intelligence that might give you a better position in your daily life.

The value in learning

As you can see, there is merit in learning a language in your list of skills.


Five major reasons why Spanish coaching is popular in Delhi –


  1. Widely Spoken Language.

The major reason why people around the globe choose to learn the Spanish language is that it has official language status in 20 different countries and more than 550 million people speak Spanish with at least some degree of competence. Knowing a language spoken by 450 million people is an asset in itself. In fact, a total of 527 million of people know and speak Spanish while 450 million people have Spanish as their native language.

  1. Upgraded Travel Experiences.

The ability to speak Spanish significantly boosts one’s travel experiences. Popular destinations like Spain, Cuba, Mexico, and many others have Spanish as their principal language. Knowing the language of the country you are traveling in will help you to know about their culture and traditions in a better way.


  1. Provides Great Job Opportunities.

Being bilingual is being more competitive in the workplace. Several companies in the IT, education sector, Hospitality industry, MNC banks, and export houses are looking for a large number of people who can work with them as a Spanish language experts. Spanish companies such as Inditex, Zara, Abengoa, Agroalimen, Indolink, and others are setting up business branches in India. More than 150 Spanish countries have joint ventures with companies in Delhi and around India.


  1. Easy to Learn.

The major reason why English speaking people find it easy to learn Spanish is because 30% of the vocabulary of English is from Latin that is the reason why you will immediately identify and understand words in Spanish that carries the same root. The language does not require students to learn a completely new alphabet and there is less stress on tone than many of the Asian languages.


  1. Bonus Benefits.

In the words of Flora Lewis “Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to think about things.” Studies have verified that learning a second language can advance a student’s understanding of their mother tongue. This is major because when a person starts to learn a second language he/she is obligatory to think about the rules and regulations that the English language carries in order to compare it with the new rules for a better understanding. Thus learning a second language provides you a room for improvement for your first language.


Determination is something that you had to keep in consideration. A new language is not as easy as it sounds. It needs a good teacher and effective Spanish Classes in Delhi. Spanish is the fabulous language for any new language beginner who will face a number of challenges.

Therefore, if you have decided to do one of the Spanish courses then you have to invest your time. There are so many experiences that come with learning a new foreign language that will embrace you.

We suggest that starting learning a new language will give you advanced knowledge. Ultimately, speaking Spanish would be very rewarding with a lot of speakers of multiple languages around the world that you can vouch for this.


School of Spanish

“School of Spanish” is your one-stop solution for learning the Spanish language. You can learn at the lowest fee but become an adept professional within a short span of time. The school offers industry training to its students so that they can gain practical knowledge by working in BPOs and KPOs. Besides, it also has an enormous scope where a candidate can work as a translator, teacher, interpreter, sales and marketing individual, language trainer in an MNC, and travel scout. The ‘School of Spanish’ constantly focus on improving conversational things through lively discussion, role-play methods, extensive use of audiovisual aids, and other innovative teaching materials. The faculty focuses well on every student individually. The institute aims at giving excellent and effective Spanish language lessons and an in-depth understanding of the culture, through dynamic teaching methodologies and personalized attention in a professional as well as a friendly environment.

It is among one of the best known Spanish institutes in Delhi. Our Spanish classes in Delhi delivers the Spanish language course with quality content to the students who want to move forward by gaining knowledge.



Some other Spanish classes in Delhi –

  1. Instituto Cervantes

The Instituto Cervantes is a public institution founded in 1991 by the Government of Spain, with the aim of promoting Spanish language teaching, and fostering knowledge of Spanish and Hispanic American culture. The institute has some non-native professors as well to help students with the lessons.


  1. JNU

    JNU is one of the oldest institutes in the capital city offering intensive courses in foreign languages. The university offers certificate and diploma level courses in nine major foreign languages including Spanish.

  2. JamiaMiliaIslamia

    A public central university located in Jamia Nagar, Delhi and approved by UGC, offers studies in various foreign languages. It offers both part-time and full-time courses to students. It is one of the well-known Spanish Institute in Delhi.


  1. InstitutoHaspania

    Established in 1995, InstitutoHaspania provides Spanish coaching in Delhi. The institute is one of the oldest Spanish coaching centers in Delhi. Their program provides for Teacher training, junior courses, Private tuitions, and Business Spanish courses.



Some more Spanish Institutes in India –

  • Hispanic Horizons, Mumbai
  • Spanish School Mumbai
  • Global Language Academy, Gurugram
  • TEI Academy, Bangalore.
  • The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata


Learning a second language not only has cognitive and academic benefits, but it also supports a greater sense of openness to and appreciation for other cultures. The limits of language mean a limit of the world. Learning language matters, it shapes your thoughts. It gives you a different vision.
Everyone has a different reason for learning a new language, find yours and begin your lessons as soon as possible. Don’t waste your time by thinking too much, instead begin to act. The more your act the more you rise. Stop making excuses and start learning the language you always wanted to learn.

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