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-Arshad Shaikh (Placed in Ienergizer, Noida, February-2018)

They have helped in every aspect to become the Spanish language professional and finally, I am a successful Spanish language professional at present. I did the weekend Spanish language course. Fenomenal environment to learn Spanish from in Delhi NCR.

-Vikas Manore (Placed in Convergys-Gurgaon, February-2018)

Hi Guys, I am very much excited to tell you that I just got the success in a very short period of time in 8 months only. I joined “Intensive Advanced Diploma in Spanish language and culture” at “School of Spanish” and they referred me to “Convergys Gurgaon” and I got selected. Amazing Spanish language training can be received at “School of Spanish” in a short period of time. Recommending to everyone.

-Rakesh Karmaran (Placed in WNS-Gurgaon, October-2017)

Language seldom gives visa into its sovereign domain. This was quoted by Tagore. Nevertheless, I think one can learn a foreign language with dedication, commitment, and perseverance.

What does it mean exactly to learn a foreign language? Primarily to be able to speak fluently, to understand other speakers of the same language very easily and off course, to be able to write.

Seven years ago I started my journey to learn the Spanish language in a hope that I will pursue a foreign language as a career. It’s easier said than done. I learned the rudimentary grammar and advanced grammar in Mumbai for quite some time. It took me a very long time because I was working and could not commit myself to study Spanish completely.

However after completing my course, I realized that understanding the language and conversing it, it was still a challenge. I wish I had received more guidance regarding the correct approach to learning a foreign language.

Not the one to give up so easily, therefore I decided to learn further until I accomplished my goal of learning to speak Spanish. This quest brought me to Delhi by a sheer twist of fate. Here I joined Cervantes in a hope that it will help me in some way. However, I had to start all over again which would have been a waste of a lot of time and money because, in my last institutes of Spanish in Delhi and Mumbai, I did not get proper guidance and right direction of the language.

Through a lucky coincidence, I found the School of Spanish. I was initially apprehensive of learning in case I had to start all over again as I had already completed my B2. However, it wasn’t required. So I decided to join the School of Spanish to relearn everything I missed learning before. With the right guidance from the faculty, I was able to learn all that I missed learning previously in my last Spanish language classes.

All the parts of grammar which I used to consider quite tedious to understand, I was able to comprehend it now slowly. Over a period of time, I was able to build my confidence to speak in the Spanish language. School of Spanish also helped me find a job and I got placed in very good BPO. Now I am proud to say that I have accomplished a better part of my goal in learning to speak Spanish. Learning as a goal is never accomplished because learning never ceases. It’s a long way to go and a lot of hard work for some years ahead. But it was a very fulfilling experience to learn the language at the School of Spanish.

Good luck to School of Spanish and happy learning for all future students who want to learn Spanish in Spanish

-K. Rakesh 

-Sheetal Singh (Placed in Integrand Analytics-Gurgaon)

I would like to share my heartily thanks to “School of Spanish” which has helped me build my career in the field of Spanish language and made me independent. My “Spanish language course has benefited me a lot into switching my English job to the Spanish one. Now I can say that I am the Spanish language professional.

-Fazeel Shaikh
(Placed in I-Energizer, Noida)

I am extremely happy to say that I have got a job just after 2 days of my exams of Diploma course, I am highly thankful to “School of Spanish” for making me a successful Spanish professional. It is just an amazing course with less amount of fee and you get placed once you are done with your Diploma. I would rank it even more than 10/10. I am able to enjoy my life on my own now.

-Vighnesh Jha

(Placed in I-Energizer, Noida)

I am very happy to learn Spanish from “School of Spanish”, I instantly got a high paid job in MNCs just after completing my course. It is the best Institute to learn Spanish in Delhi and affordable too for all class of students. 10/10


-Rekha Chauhan
(Placed in I-Energizer, Noida)

Thanks to “School of Spanish” to teach me Spanish in just one year. I have been successfully placed in I-energiser Noida and earning a handsome amount of salary. I recommend you to join “School of Spanish” if you want to learn Spanish. 9/10


-Ajeet Singh
(Placed in I-Energizer, Noida)

I have learned Spanish from “School of Spanish”, I am truly happy after learning Spanish and I am working happily now. ¬†9/10


-Uttam Sharma
(Placed in I-Energizer, Noida)

“School of Spanish” has played an important role to build my career. I am working as a Spanish language expert in I-energiser and getting paid well. I suggest you do Spanish from “School of Spanish” to learn best.

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