Spanish Interpretation Services in delhi


Spanish Interpretation Services in Delhi

“School of Spanish” provides you both kind of interpretation “Simultaneous and Consecutive”. If you are a Spanish native and coming to India, then a Spanish interpreter is required for you, We provide you with very experienced and skilled Spanish interpreters.

Types of interpretation We do:-

1: Consecutive interpretation: Consecutive interpretation is one of the most preferred and popular interpretation nowadays. In Consecutive interpretation, Interpreter listens to a few lines of the Speaker and then renders or interprets them to the audience, the again does the same and again interprets things to the audience in their own language. This type of interpretations can be either one way or two ways. Such as Interpreter only listen to one person and interprets int to the other one or Interpreter listens to both parties and translate their views to one and another in their languages.

2: Simultaneous interpretation: In Simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter listens to the Speaker via earphones continuously for a long time and keep noting each and every point of the conversation to interpret it to the Speaker of the source language. This kind of interpretation is generally used for long meetings, seminars, Speech, etc. It happens only at real-time. It requires many special types of equipment such as wire, headphones, microphones, etc.

3: Escorting Interpretation: Liaison or Escorting interpretations are the part of Consecutive interpretations, this kind of interpretation is used for small groups meetings, small seminars, travel groups, etc. There is no special equipment are required for this kind of interpretations.

4: Telephonic Interpretation: Telephonic interpretations are also the part of Consecutive interpretations, This kind of interpretations can be done over the call also, such as calling, video calling, chat, etc.

We provide both types of interpretation at very affordable prices, if you are in need of Spanish interpreter then you search ends with us, Simply drop us an email on or give us a call on 0091-9211-850-850.

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