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Daily Spanish News Analysis

Daily Spanish News Analysis

Daily Spanish News Analysis


Lionel Messi gives €72,000 in harms to Doctors Without Borders:-

FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi has given the more than €72,000 in harms he won from a criticism body of evidence against a daily paper to philanthropy Doctors Without Borders.

The Argentinian was granted the cash after an effective fight in court against La Razón. A court in Barcelona judged that an editorialist in the daily paper had criticized the footballer in an article from 2014 that blamed him for doping.

Expelled Catalan pioneer Carles Puigdemont and clergymen ‘to be discharged’ by Belgian police:-

Charges looked by the ousted Catalan pioneers incorporate dissidence, disobedience, abuse of open assets and prevarication. Carles Puigdemont, the removed leader of Catalonia, to be discharged from police guardianship in Belgium, reports propose.

Belgian authorities said Mr Puigdemont and four of his previous clergymen would be discharged as long as specific conditions were met. It was not instantly clear what terms are probably going to be forced.

Catalonia emergency: (Spain correctional facilities eight sacked Catalan clergymen):-

Move comes as Spanish prosecutors move for capture warrant against questioned president. Eight sacked Catalan priests have been imprisoned by a Spanish judge over their part in the area’s statement of freedom.

The move comes as prosecutors request that judges issue a worldwide capture warrant for Carles Puigdemont, the debated Catalan president who fled to Brussels, and in addition four other previous priests who did not appear to court on Thursday. The previous individuals from the provincial government are blamed for disobedience, rebellion, and abuse of open assets. The violations are deserving of 30 years in jail.


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