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About Us

Learn Spanish in Delhi

LearnSpanish is a venture of Sharik Usmani, a Spanish speaker who has graduated from Delhi University in Spanish language. This is a brand new proposition which set forth its journey in August 2014. Mr. Usmani is a thorough entrepreneur who is the owner of the brand name, a leading holiday rental business organization. His love for Spanish language has inspired him to spoil his hands into training willing candidates in Spanish language so that they can make a prospective career out of the same. He endeavours to create a Spanish language training course that will result in an all round development of the individual in the language. 

Transition from Dream to Reality

In a bid to direct his dream into a reality, he used to help students who were pursuing Spanish language learning course from Delhi University (DU), Jamia, Instituto Cervantes, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). It was these students who discovered a real trainer in him, a person who shares his knowledge with passion and not for money. They provided him the boost to do something in the Spanish training area. It was not that far when he thought about establishing an institute wherefrom interested students can learn Spanish language thoroughly. The so-called Spanish learning institutes do not prepare their students that professionally which is required. He wanted to help these eager Spanish learners in his own creative way so that they can make propitious career from learning a second language like Spanish.

Thus he put all heart and soul to start up his dream, LearnSpanish. He visualised offering the Spanish language course at a fee which can be afforded by middle class students too. Most of the existing institutes are very costly making it a far achieved dream for many students desiring to learn the language. LearnSpanish was created with the sole intention of providing a professional Spanish learning course at the lowest fee. Mr. Usmani got a superb response from the market and hence did not leave any stone unturned to transform LearnSpanish into the best Spanish language training institute. He does not want to make his passion a business and hence tries his best to offer the service at the lowest cost in the market. 

Hands-on Industry Training for Proficiency in the Language

There is hardly any language learning institute in the market that offers practical training to their students. LearnSpanish believes in teaching the language in a way that will make the students competent and qualified in Spanish language. Simply teaching the language does not help unless an individual receives practical exercise. At LearnSpanish, one gets the scope of polishing the language learning skills further by working in real workstations such as BPOs and KPOs. They also get to work as translators, teachers, interpreters, travel scout, language trainer in an MNC, sales and marketing individuals, and so on. This helps in infusing self-confidence and a latch over the language.

At LearnSpanish, students get full opportunity to work in the international call center Here they have all scope to talk to native Spanish speakers. This helps them to improve their language skills, diction, and pronunciation. With the achieved practical training, they can easily move on in their life to earn a fruitful career in Spanish language. Mr. Usmani has been playing an incessant part in training and improving language skills for all levels of prospects right from a 10+2 student to a working professional to the director of a company, and a fresher even. 


“Learning Spanish has offered me with an immense support in building my career. It has helped me reach where I stand today. Learning Spanish is a fun. It is easy to catch and a great career booster in today’s global market.

Learn Spanish, Live Spanish, Be Spanish.


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