Daily Spanish News Analysis

Daily Spanish News Analysis

1. Veteran bank thief captured in Madrid


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A 40-year vocation could be at an end for Antonio Padilla taking after Chamberi capture

62-year-old Antonio Padilla, otherwise called essentially “El Padilla”, is at long last back in the slammer following 17 months, putting yet another end to a profession looting banks in Madrid which has gone on for four decades, with Veteran bank thief captured in Madridinterruptions while he was in jail.

El Padilla is outstanding for his obliging, practically remorseful way amid the thefts he has submitted in Madrid, regularly giving a note to an assistant at the focused on branch perusing “this is a stick-up, resist the urge to panic and do as I let you know”. In any case, behind this unassuming state of mind lies a merciless streak, and on one event he hollered at officers endeavoring to keep him that they were fortunate to be in regular clothes: “in the event that you had been in uniform I would have baffled you with slugs”, he yelled.

All through his vocation El Padilla has been sent to jail different circumstances, yet practically every time he has been allowed impermanent leave he has made utilization of the chance to escape. The last time he did this was in July 2015, and only a couple days after the fact a man entered a bank in the area of Madrid and placidly snatched 14,000 euros in real money. The video footage catch by security cameras left examining officers in most likely the looter was the criminal veteran, and the look for El Padilla started.

Nonetheless, the operation was done with extraordinary care, as it is trusted that the looter is experiencing a terminal restorative condition and was subsequently liable to respond viciously on the off chance that he presumed that he was being taken after. Inevitably he was followed to a leased condo in the Chamberí area of Madrid, where he was arranging his next hold-up, and now, instead of living discreetly in namelessness as had been his goal, he is back in prison for what may end up being the last time.


2. Salamanca students welcome 2017 two weeks early


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20,000 individuals ate twelve organic product gums at midnight in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca

2017 started fifteen days ahead of schedule in the great Plaza Mayor of Salamanca on Thursday night, when a huge number of understudies accumulated to acquire the New Year at what has as of now turn into a conventional occasion in the a long time since it was first held.

Salamanca is a city of history and custom, and the college, which was established in 1218, is the most seasoned in Spain and the fourth most seasoned in the western world. In any case, it is additionally open to “new customs”, and as of late understudies have turned out to be usual to holding their own particular New Year festivities toward the end of the primary term of the scholastic year, before making a beeline for appreciate the more conventional date of 31st December with their families.

So imbued in the date-book has the occasion turn into that others from all over Spain go to Salamanca to participate in the gathering, and this year the coordinators made it an all-ticket occasion with a most extreme of 21,700 permitted into the incomprehensible square.

The fun began at around 20.00, and before midnight an endeavor was made to play out the biggest “mannequin challenge” on the planet (requiring those present to hold their stance amidst a move while the cameras were on them). Be that as it may, the sheer size and enthusiasm of the group made this practically inconceivable!

On the stroke of midnight, instead of eating twelve grapes as the New Year’s Eve convention requests, they all indefatigably expended twelve organic product gums, before keeping on appreciating the unrecorded music which was laid on in the square for the night.


3. Spain is losing 72 inhabitants every day because of falling birth rate


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Right around 20 for each penny less children are being conceived in Spain than ten years prior

The birth rate in Spain has now fallen so remarkably in the course of the most recent couple of years that the nation is successfully Spain is losing 72 tenants every day because of falling birth rateseeing its populace diminish by 72 every day, as indicated by figures distributed by the administration’s focal measurements unit on Tuesday.

Amid the main portion of this current year the quantity of infants conceived in Spain was 4.6% lower than in a similar period a year ago at 195,555, and in spite of the fact that the quantity of passings likewise diminished, by 7.6%, it was still higher, at 208,553. The outcome is regular lessening in the number of inhabitants in 12,998, preceding components, for example, movement and resettlement are considered.

It was in 2008 that the perceptible fall in the birth rate started, and the slide has proceeded with as far back as aside from a brief ascent of 0.1% in 2014. Ten years back, to give an illustration, the quantity of children conceived in Spain in 2006 was more than 482,000, implying that if the initial six months of 2016 are illustrative there has been a fall of around 19%. In the meantime, the normal age at which ladies have their first youngster has been rising relentlessly, prompting to a sharp increment in the quantity of one-and two-man families.

Another fascinating part of the information discharged for the current week is that it is just because of non-Spaniards living in this nation that the birth rate has not fallen even more. Amid the initial six months of 2016 17.9% of all infants conceived were to remote moms, while in general terms just 10.1% of the populace is of non-Spanish nationality.

In a few zones the birth rate really ascended amongst January and June, including the Balearic Islands (by 1.5%) and Asturias (0.6%), yet these increments were inconsequential in contrast with falls, for example, those of 9% in Catalunya and 6% in Aragón.

In the meantime, while in Spain all in all there were a larger number of passings than births, the inverse was the situation in the locales of Madrid, Andalucía, Murcia, the Balearics and the Canaries.


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