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Daily Spanish News Analysis

Daily Spanish News Analysis


Colombian Police seizing the 3.3 tons of cocaine

Colombian Police seizing the 3.3 tons of cocaine

Colombia seizes 12 tons of cocaine in its greatest ever medicates bust

President Juan Manuel Santos says the immense pull has a road estimation of $360m and connections it to the Gulf Clan trafficking posse. Police have seized more than 12 tons of cocaine from Colombia’s best wrongdoing posse, the greatest pull ever in the country’s long-running battle against tranquilize trafficking, President Juan Manuel Santos said.

The cocaine was discovered put away underground on four ranches in a banana-developing area of north-west Antioquia region, close to Colombia’s fringe with Panama.


Catalan parliament speaker and four individuals from overseeing body safeguarded

Carme Forcadell and five Catalan MPs showed up under the watchful eye of incomparable court in Madrid over part in restricted autonomy choice. The speaker of the Catalan parliament has been conceded safeguard in the wake of telling a judge that last month’s statement of autonomy was just emblematic and promising to regard the Spanish constitution later on.

Carme Forcadell and five other parliamentary authorities showed up at Spain’s preeminent court on Thursday to affirm over the parts in the restricted freedom submission and the consequent vote on pronouncing autonomy.


Expelled Leader: Europe Must Speak Up for Catalan Separatists

Expelled Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, who needs to lead a master autonomy coalition of political powers in an up and coming territorial decision, reprimanded Tuesday the aloofness of European government officials in reproving the indictment of rejected secessionist authorities.

In a meeting Tuesday in Brussels with Catalan open radio, the nonconformist pioneer says there is a “flat out separate between the interests of the general population and the European elites” and that Catalonia’s concern is an “issue of human rights that requires greatest consideration.


Argentine Government Confirms Enhanced Payment Plan ‘Ahora 18’

In Argentina, The Ministry of Production affirmed for this present week its intend to help buyer going through with an extended intrigue free item buy program entitled “Ahora 18”. Initially organized in 2014 as a Kirchnerist activity known as “Ahora 12”, the new program expects to fortify the local economy and battle expansion by enabling shoppers to buy choose merchandise in 12 or 18 intrigue free installments with charge cards.


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